Scary Snippets: A Halloween Microfiction Anthology

Trick or treat; Bloody feet A hundred souls for ghosts to eat. Nothing screams Halloween more than horror. And nothing can be more horrific than scary stories. Here in this collection, we’ve gathered together over a hundred micro sized pieces of terror. From all around the world we’ve put together an anthology that will make you hungry for more. So take a seat, pull out a bowl of candy and sink your teeth into the most terrifying treat you’ll get this holiday season.

Update on reading and recent purchases

Current reads:
White Fire by Brian Keene
F4 by Larissa Glasser
Master of Pain or Wrath James White & Kristopher Rufty
Mad Frank and Sons – The Franky Fraser biography

Recently read:
Halloween Fiend by C.V. Hunt
Pop the Clutch: Thrilling Rales of Rockabilly, Monsters, and Hot Rod Horror – Eric J. Guignard
Dog Days O Summer by James Newman & Mark Allan Gunnells
Dark Ride by Iain Rob Wright

Recent purchases:
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
Self Made Man by Poppy Z. Brite
Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Woom by Duncan Ralston
Tamer Animals by Justin M. Woodward
Dream Woods by Patrick Lacey
Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt
Escape by Iain Rob Wright

Time for an update

Feels like time for another quick update.

Recent reads:
White Trash Gothic Part 2 by Edward Lee
Mouse Trap by Carlton Mellick
Low by Mike Duke
An Apocalypse of Our Own by Jeff Strand
The Return of Moloch by Lee McGeorge

All enjoyable reads. I’d recommend each of them.

Currently reading:
The Murder of Jesus Christ by John R. Little
Pop the Clutch: Thrilling Tales of Roackabilly, Monsters, and Hot Rod Horror put together by Eric J. Guignard

Enjoying the book by Little but only half way through the first story for the other one. Seems like a promising idea for an antho though so I have high hopes.

Anthologies accepted to and awaiting release:
Fantasia Divinity Winds of Despair drabbles antho
Last of the Selkies – Fantasia Divinity Water’s of Destruction drabbles antho
We Have Food – Apocalypse – Black Hare Press –
Nightmare Farm – Soteria Press – Untitled antho – April 2020 release
The Bullied Ghost – Forest of Fear – Volume I – Bloodsong Books
Needing Help – Hawthorn & Ash
Soul Bar – Scary Snippets
Five Years in the Horror Market – Non Fic for Hellbound,
Drugs n Brains – Reanimated Writers drabble antho
Troubling Times in the Library – Jibbernocky – Black Hare Press
Zero Hour Contracts & Bad Managers – Hate Dark Drabbles – Black Hare Press


Currently watching Power. On the first season and nearing the end of it. Seems pretty good so far. Went and seen Joker in the pics with my wife. Absolutely loved it. I was surprised as I thought it looks a bit boring, but it is excellent. Worth going to see if you haven’t already.

That’s about it for now. Happy reading everyone!

The End in 13 Stories

The world as we know has come to an end. There is destruction and chaos as far as the eye can see. Are you prepared?


Author Valerie Lioudis has assembled an original anthology of stories from a group of today’s hottest writers. Inside there are tales of extinction level events, survival in a broken wasteland, a bar at the end of it all, and so much more. This is a collection of new views on the Earth’s demise and humanity’s will to survive despite it.
With stories from L. Douglas Hogan, Derek Shupert, Kevin J. Kennedy, Veronica Smith, Stefan Lear, Robert W. Easton, Jack Appell, Austin James, Ellen A. Easton, William Stuart, Michael Gillette, T.D. Ricketts and Valerie Lioudis this wildly diverse and entertaining collection is sure to entertain you with each word.


End of the Line by Valerie Lioudis

Still Here Somehow by William Stuart The Pit

Forsaken Gravitas by Robert W. Easton

Underground by Jack Appell

The Picnic by Ellen A. Easton

Spaceship Earth by Michael Gillett

Countdown by Veronica Smith

Lycan Rising by Derek Shupert

The Cataclysm by L. Douglas Hogan

Satan’s Apocalypse by Kevin J. Kennedy

Wasteland Wanderer by T.D. Ricketts

The Pit by William Stuart

Flare-up by Austin James

Bury Em’ Deep by Stefan Lear

Guilty Pleasures and Other Dark Delights

An international anthology of dark erotic drabbles (100 words) and double drabbles (200 words). Includes the novella ‘Dolls’ by the UK’s Ramsey Campbell and other ‘extras’ including a couple of longer stories and some inter-related drabbles, plus some dark erotic illustrations! Definitely adult themed, not suitable for children! With illustrations and other extras including the discussion “On Ramsey Campbell’s ‘Scared Stiff’ by S.T. Joshi”, a discussion “On Sex and Horror”. Edited by Steve Dillon, ex-President of the Australian Horror Writers Association and series editor of the Things in the Well series of anthologies, and stories from award-winning and emerging writers!

Available in paperback as well but Amazon haven’t linked it to the Kindle version (at the time of this post) so you will have to search separately for the paperback.

Stories and drabbles that have been accepted and are awaiting release

Book Fetish – Guilty Pleasures – Things in the Well
Nature Always Wins – Fantasia Divinity Winds of Despair
Beside the Seaside – Dark Tides Charity antho – Beside the Seaside
Last of the Selkies – Fantasia Divinity Waters of Destruction
We Have Food – Apocalypse – Black Hare Press
Nightmare Farm – Soteria Press – Untitled antho – April 2020 release
The Bullied Ghost – Forest of Fear – Volume I – Bloodsong Books
Needing Help – Hawthorn & Ash – Iron Faerie publishing
Soul Bar – Scary Snippets
Five Years in the Horror Market – Non-Fic for Hellbound Publishing
Drugs n Brains – Reanimated Writers

Just a wee update on projects and what I’m reading.

Currently working on

The Horror Collection: White Edition – This is the Christmas themed edition. It’s currently in edits and I aim to have it available for October.
Halloween Land – My novella based on the short story I had in Collected Halloween Horror Shorts
Screechers Blood Wars – Book 2 of Screechers, currently with Christina for her chapter. We are making good progress.
My second solo collection – Vampiro and Other Strange Tales of the Macabre

Currently reading:

The Return of Moloch by Lee McGeorge
Low by Mike Duke
Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet graphic novel
The Usborne Illustrated Originals version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Mouse Trap by Carlton Mellick