Fox Em reads Merry Fuckin’ Christmas, my story from the Collected Christmas Horror Shorts anthology.

As part of Fox Em’s Vlogmas/Creepy Christmas she narrated Merry Fuckin’ Christmas, my short story from the Collected Christmas Horror Shorts anthology. Have a listen for free.

Listen to the story here.

As an extra bonus you can listen to a few more of the stories from the anthology from some fantastic authors below.

Peter Oliver Wonder’s Story
Lisa Vaquez’s Story
Willow Rose’s Story
JC Michael’s Story

My winning flash fiction entry into the Confessions of a Reviewer Birthday competition

Nev Murray from the Confessions of a Reviewer website ran a flash fiction competition for their big Birthday party. The idea was if you registered your interest they would send you a random word. You then had to use that word to write a 100 word horror story. The winner would receive some books so I threw my hat in the ring and they sent me the word purple. After submitting my story and attending the online party on Facebook I was pleased to find out I had won. Not only did I receive a load of free books from Nev but I was told that narrator Chris Barnes would be reading my story and posting it on Youtube. Now remember, it’s only 100 words so pretty short but I thought I would post it here for those who are interested.

Listen here