A wee update

I’ve been ridiculously busy for a while now. All of the Anthos that I have been working on for most of the year are coming to an end. Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 2 is available for Kindle and I’m working on the paperback version. The Horror Collection is available for pre-order on Kindle as is Carnival of Horror. I’m also almost finished reading subs for the Made in Britain anthology that I’m putting together for Hellbound books. It’s been a busy year and although I had the books staggered to give me time, a few things have went wrong to delay them so I’ve ended up doing them all pretty close together. There are links in the book section if you’d like to have a look at them.

Dark Places, Evil Faces 2 is also available on pre-order. I read in Andrew Lennon’s newsletter that it’s a big achievement for him as he has always wanted to be published alongside Clive Barker. While I completely understand that, for me, I wanted to get into this one so I would appear alongside Jack Ketchum. There’s a load of great authors in this book and I’m sure Mark Lumby will have done a fantastic job of putting it together.

I have short stories and one poem accepted for several other Anthos but at this stage I have no release dates or covers for any of them.

My collaborative novella that I’m working on with Christina Bergling is close to finished but has stalled. Completely my fault. I need to finish up the Anthos so I can give it my full attention but we have the rest of the story mapped out so hopefully we will get that one finished soon.

I feel like I have barely read anything over the last few months (accept for hundreds of subs to the Anthos lol) so I’m looking forward to having a break to focus on reading and writing for a while again.

I think that’s about it for now. Until next time…


Carnival of Horror – A Carnival Themed Horror Anthology

Roll up, roll up!

Welcome to the carnival!

Enjoy the sweet smells of the cotton candy and candy apples. Listen to the calliope music as you wander among the many stalls, to the screams of children enjoying the various rides. It’s all been designed to take your money, but you already know that. What you are not aware of, however, are the strange goings-on of the carnival world after dark. Do the carnies want more than your money? Does the fortune teller know more than she tells you? Are some of the games more dangerous than others?

Explore your worst fears, and perhaps gain some new ones, in these twisted tales of what really goes on at the carnival after dark!

Table of Contents:

Mark Fleming – Lifeblood
Lex H. Jones – For One Night Only
Andrew Lennon – House of Illusion
Jason M. Light – Abandonland
David J. Fielding – Wobbly Bob
Ike Hamill – The Pinch
Christina Bergling – Zoltara
Gary A. Braunbeck – In a Hand or Face
John Dover – Frimby’s Big Day
David Owain Hughes – The Last Freakshow on Earth
H.R. Boldwood – Mister Weasels and the Cosmic Carnival
Joe X. Young – The Frog Prince
Guy N. Smith – Blood Show at the Carnival
Steven Stacy – The Voodoo Man
J.C. Michael – What a Price to Pay for a Fucking Teddy Bear
Selene MacLeod – Sweetheart