A wee update

I’ve been ridiculously busy for a while now. All of the Anthos that I have been working on for most of the year are coming to an end. Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 2 is available for Kindle and I’m working on the paperback version. The Horror Collection is available for pre-order on Kindle as is Carnival of Horror. I’m also almost finished reading subs for the Made in Britain anthology that I’m putting together for Hellbound books. It’s been a busy year and although I had the books staggered to give me time, a few things have went wrong to delay them so I’ve ended up doing them all pretty close together. There are links in the book section if you’d like to have a look at them.

Dark Places, Evil Faces 2 is also available on pre-order. I read in Andrew Lennon’s newsletter that it’s a big achievement for him as he has always wanted to be published alongside Clive Barker. While I completely understand that, for me, I wanted to get into this one so I would appear alongside Jack Ketchum. There’s a load of great authors in this book and I’m sure Mark Lumby will have done a fantastic job of putting it together.

I have short stories and one poem accepted for several other Anthos but at this stage I have no release dates or covers for any of them.

My collaborative novella that I’m working on with Christina Bergling is close to finished but has stalled. Completely my fault. I need to finish up the Anthos so I can give it my full attention but we have the rest of the story mapped out so hopefully we will get that one finished soon.

I feel like I have barely read anything over the last few months (accept for hundreds of subs to the Anthos lol) so I’m looking forward to having a break to focus on reading and writing for a while again.

I think that’s about it for now. Until next time…