Update on current works.

Dark Thoughts, my solo collection is now available

The Horror Collection: Purple Edition is now available

Screechers 2: Blood Games – Co-written with Christina Bergling – is still in the works. Unfortunately, I have held this one up and Christina is waiting on me because I have had a lot going on

Summer of ’95 (tentative title) – Solo novella – 5K written.

Halloween Land – Solo novella – 10K written.

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 3 is being cancelled, however, there may be a White Edition of The Horror Collection, which will be Christmas themed.

100 Word Horrors Book 3 is about 80% full. Hoping to have it released within the next few months.

Subbed a short story to an antho recently. First in a long time. Also subbed a nonfiction piece to an antho I was invited to. Waiting to hear if the like it. Never written any non-fic articles before.

I think that’s about it for what I have going on just now.

The Horror Collection: Purple Edition

The Horror Collection book 3 is the newest in a series of mini anthologies. This edition brings together some of the best horror writers from the last few decades. Featuring stories from Ray Garton, Kelley Armstrong, Simon Clark, Gord Rollo, Chad Lutzke, Mike Duke, Christina Bergling, David Owain Hughes, P. Mattern & Kevin J. Kennedy.