Update on current works.

Dark Thoughts, my solo collection is now available

The Horror Collection: Purple Edition is now available

Screechers 2: Blood Games – Co-written with Christina Bergling – is still in the works. Unfortunately, I have held this one up and Christina is waiting on me because I have had a lot going on

Summer of ’95 (tentative title) – Solo novella – 5K written.

Halloween Land – Solo novella – 10K written.

Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 3 is being cancelled, however, there may be a White Edition of The Horror Collection, which will be Christmas themed.

100 Word Horrors Book 3 is about 80% full. Hoping to have it released within the next few months.

Subbed a short story to an antho recently. First in a long time. Also subbed a nonfiction piece to an antho I was invited to. Waiting to hear if the like it. Never written any non-fic articles before.

I think that’s about it for what I have going on just now.