Stories and drabbles that have been accepted and are awaiting release

Book Fetish – Guilty Pleasures – Things in the Well
Nature Always Wins – Fantasia Divinity Winds of Despair
Beside the Seaside – Dark Tides Charity antho – Beside the Seaside
Last of the Selkies – Fantasia Divinity Waters of Destruction
We Have Food – Apocalypse – Black Hare Press
Nightmare Farm – Soteria Press – Untitled antho – April 2020 release
The Bullied Ghost – Forest of Fear – Volume I – Bloodsong Books
Needing Help – Hawthorn & Ash – Iron Faerie publishing
Soul Bar – Scary Snippets
Five Years in the Horror Market – Non-Fic for Hellbound Publishing
Drugs n Brains – Reanimated Writers

Just a wee update on projects and what I’m reading.

Currently working on

The Horror Collection: White Edition – This is the Christmas themed edition. It’s currently in edits and I aim to have it available for October.
Halloween Land – My novella based on the short story I had in Collected Halloween Horror Shorts
Screechers Blood Wars – Book 2 of Screechers, currently with Christina for her chapter. We are making good progress.
My second solo collection – Vampiro and Other Strange Tales of the Macabre

Currently reading:

The Return of Moloch by Lee McGeorge
Low by Mike Duke
Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet graphic novel
The Usborne Illustrated Originals version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Mouse Trap by Carlton Mellick