My Top Ten Books That I Read in 2019 List

(1) The Murder of Jesus Christ by John R Little
(2) Odd Man Out James Newman
(3) Hell Divers 6 Allegiance by Nicholas Sansbury Smith
(4) Dark Ride by Iain Rob Wright
(5) Of Foster Homes and Flies by Chad Lutzke
(6) White Trash Gothic Part 2 by Edward Lee
(7) Skullface Boy by Chad Lutzke
(8) Forgotten Island by David Sodergren
(9) Exercise Bike by Carlton Mellick III
(10) White Trash Gothic by Edward Lee

Honourable mentions

Monster and Animals by Wrath James White & JF Gonzalez
Low by Mike Duke
Wallflower by Chad Lutzke
Woom by Duncan Ralston

If you would like to check out everything I read in 2019, use this link.