Another long overdue update on what I’m doing

Working on:
Screechers Blood Wars – The Screechers sequel that I am writing with Christina Bergling
Kevin J. Kennedy’s A to Z or Horror – My 3rd solo collection
An untitled novella/novel with Kyle M. Scott
The Horror Collection: Emerald Edition – Book 7 in the series is almost ready for release.
Halloween Land – A solo novella
An untitled Christmas solo collection
An invite only Best of Indie anthology

As always, I am working on multiple projects at once. Some are moving quicker that others and a few haven’t moved much at all in the previous few months. I am pushing hard to get as much done as I can in this time of lockdown so hopefully I will have all of these titles finished and available before the year is out.

My Top 10 Favourite Zombie Movies

Quite a lot of people were posting their top ten zombie movies on Facebook, so I decided to have a think and work out what mine would be. It wasn’t that easy, and I went back and forth on a few choices. I’m well aware I have picked remakes over the original movies in some instances and it’s simply because I enjoyed them more.

1 – Night of the Living Dead (1990 version)
2 – Train to Busan
3 – Dawn of the Dead (2004 version)
4 – 28 Weeks Later
5 – Zombieland
6 – Rec
7 – Planet Terror
8 – Return of the Living Dead
9 – Return of the Living Dead 2
10 – Return of the Living Dead 3