Merry Fuckin’ Christmas and Other Yuletide Shit

Kevin J. Kennedy has brought the horror world three bestselling Christmas horror anthologies. Now, for the first time ever he collects his own tales of Christmas madness between these pages. You will find a mix of extreme, comedy, gross and bizarro Christmas horror, and there is even a few drabbles thrown in.

WARNING: This book isn’t for everyone. If you are easily offended, it’s not going to be for you.

“As gritty as Irvine Welsh and as horrific as anything King has put out. Christmas has never been so dark. This is a collection horror fans do not want to miss.” Lee Mountford, Author of The Demonic.

“Kennedy is one of the modern greats of seasonal horror. Sit by the fireplace, pour yourself a drink and get this read.” Lex H. Jones, author of The Old One and The Sea.

“Superb! Stylistic! Downright terrifying! Kennedy does not pull any punches.” Christopher Motz, author of Pine Lakes, and Tenants.

“Freaky, disturbing, unpleasant… These stories could ruin your Christmas!” Mark Cassell, author of The Shadow Fabric.
“Everything Kennedy touches turns to gold. And for good reason. A gruesome, rock ‘n’ roll, festive feast.” Kyle M. Scott, author of The Club.

“Kevin Kennedy knows horror. Grab this collection for some horrific Christmas fun! And keep the change, ya filthy animal.” Andrew Lennon, author of A Life to Waste.

“With each Kevin J. Kennedy story, the reader is gifted another dark look into the mind of somebody who takes great care in making you love the worlds he’s conjured but also makes sure you’ll never forget what lurks in the shadows.” Steve Stred, author of Ritual and Of Witches.

The Best of Indie Horror

After releasing several best-selling anthology series, I wanted to do something new. Having worked with a tremendous number of authors over the years, I decided to gather some of my favourites together and do an unthemed book. This book is the result of that idea. Inside the cover, you will find an array of styles covering a wealth of sub genres. I present you with, the best of indie horror.

Over 100K of new stories by:
Shaun Hutson
Tim Curran
Mark Lukens
Lee Mountford
John R. Little
Andrew Lennon
Calvin Demmer
J.C. Michael
David Owain Hughes
Lee Murray
Christina Bergling
Mark Cassell
Christopher Motz
Mike Duke
Kyle M. Scott
Steven Stacy
Lex Jones
Douglas Hackle
Nicola Lombardi