Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Story

An action-packed, coming of age horror tale, full of twists, turns and unexpected adventures.

Zak and Wendy are a couple of horror buffs who love Halloween.
In their sleepy, run-down little town, an exciting attraction promises to inject some life into the place for one special night only. A travelling carnival, making its debut on Halloween.

Anticipation builds, and the mysterious ‘Halloween Land’ carnival is the talk of the town; the calliope music, bright lights, and sweet and savoury smells from the pop-up carnival lure in the crowds flocking to the pier. The two teenage friends Zak and Wendy are eager to be among the first.
Revelations unfold, mysteries peek from the outer limits. The kids have to think and act fast to defeat the evil that’s come to town and it’s nothing like in the movies!

This tale is full of mystery, fun, magic, tension and dread.

Step up for the ride, give your ticket to the clown, she’ll show you a good time; no one can say where you will end up, but it’ll be a wicked ride!


“A fun, spook-filled throwback that evokes Laymon and R. L. Stein in equal measure… imbued with a real sense of adventure.”
— Kyle M. Scott, author of The Club and Dark Island

Kennedy has given us a great tale, reminiscent of Bradbury. Halloween Land was truly a joy to read.
— Andrew Lennon, author of A Life to Waste

“Kevin J. Kennedy’s Halloween Land peeled back the years of adulthood and revived the youthful lover of All Hallows’ Eve inside me. This fun and frightening tale of a Halloween carnival with sinister intentions captivated and entertained me from beginning to end. Buy your ticket now… but beware of the Funhouse!”
— Ronald Kelly, author of Fear, Undertaker’s Moon, and Irish Gothic

“A genuinely creepy, nostalgic romp from light into deepest darkness.”
— Christopher Motz, author of Pine Lakes and A Hostile Takeover

“Kennedy’s ‘Halloween Land’ comes at you a million miles an hour. Filled with as much emotional depth as carnage. This one will have you hooked from page one!”
— Steve Stred, author of Ritual

If the thought of crazed clowns and killer carnivals have you trembling from both fear and anticipation, then Kevin Kennedy’s Halloweenland is the nightmarish novella that you need.
— J.C. Michael, author of Pandemonium and You Only Get One Shot