Halloween Land: A Coming of Age Story

An action-packed, coming of age horror tale, full of twists, turns and unexpected adventures.

Zak and Wendy are a couple of horror buffs who love Halloween.
In their sleepy, run-down little town, an exciting attraction promises to inject some life into the place for one special night only. A travelling carnival, making its debut on Halloween.

Anticipation builds, and the mysterious ‘Halloween Land’ carnival is the talk of the town; the calliope music, bright lights, and sweet and savoury smells from the pop-up carnival lure in the crowds flocking to the pier. The two teenage friends Zak and Wendy are eager to be among the first.
Revelations unfold, mysteries peek from the outer limits. The kids have to think and act fast to defeat the evil that’s come to town and it’s nothing like in the movies!

This tale is full of mystery, fun, magic, tension and dread.

Step up for the ride, give your ticket to the clown, she’ll show you a good time; no one can say where you will end up, but it’ll be a wicked ride!


“A fun, spook-filled throwback that evokes Laymon and R. L. Stein in equal measure… imbued with a real sense of adventure.”
— Kyle M. Scott, author of The Club and Dark Island

Kennedy has given us a great tale, reminiscent of Bradbury. Halloween Land was truly a joy to read.
— Andrew Lennon, author of A Life to Waste

“Kevin J. Kennedy’s Halloween Land peeled back the years of adulthood and revived the youthful lover of All Hallows’ Eve inside me. This fun and frightening tale of a Halloween carnival with sinister intentions captivated and entertained me from beginning to end. Buy your ticket now… but beware of the Funhouse!”
— Ronald Kelly, author of Fear, Undertaker’s Moon, and Irish Gothic

“A genuinely creepy, nostalgic romp from light into deepest darkness.”
— Christopher Motz, author of Pine Lakes and A Hostile Takeover

“Kennedy’s ‘Halloween Land’ comes at you a million miles an hour. Filled with as much emotional depth as carnage. This one will have you hooked from page one!”
— Steve Stred, author of Ritual

If the thought of crazed clowns and killer carnivals have you trembling from both fear and anticipation, then Kevin Kennedy’s Halloweenland is the nightmarish novella that you need.
— J.C. Michael, author of Pandemonium and You Only Get One Shot

Merry Fuckin’ Christmas and Other Yuletide Shit

Kevin J. Kennedy has brought the horror world three bestselling Christmas horror anthologies. Now, for the first time ever he collects his own tales of Christmas madness between these pages. You will find a mix of extreme, comedy, gross and bizarro Christmas horror, and there is even a few drabbles thrown in.

WARNING: This book isn’t for everyone. If you are easily offended, it’s not going to be for you.

“As gritty as Irvine Welsh and as horrific as anything King has put out. Christmas has never been so dark. This is a collection horror fans do not want to miss.” Lee Mountford, Author of The Demonic.

“Kennedy is one of the modern greats of seasonal horror. Sit by the fireplace, pour yourself a drink and get this read.” Lex H. Jones, author of The Old One and The Sea.

“Superb! Stylistic! Downright terrifying! Kennedy does not pull any punches.” Christopher Motz, author of Pine Lakes, and Tenants.

“Freaky, disturbing, unpleasant… These stories could ruin your Christmas!” Mark Cassell, author of The Shadow Fabric.
“Everything Kennedy touches turns to gold. And for good reason. A gruesome, rock ‘n’ roll, festive feast.” Kyle M. Scott, author of The Club.

“Kevin Kennedy knows horror. Grab this collection for some horrific Christmas fun! And keep the change, ya filthy animal.” Andrew Lennon, author of A Life to Waste.

“With each Kevin J. Kennedy story, the reader is gifted another dark look into the mind of somebody who takes great care in making you love the worlds he’s conjured but also makes sure you’ll never forget what lurks in the shadows.” Steve Stred, author of Ritual and Of Witches.

The Best of Indie Horror

After releasing several best-selling anthology series, I wanted to do something new. Having worked with a tremendous number of authors over the years, I decided to gather some of my favourites together and do an unthemed book. This book is the result of that idea. Inside the cover, you will find an array of styles covering a wealth of sub genres. I present you with, the best of indie horror.

Over 100K of new stories by:
Shaun Hutson
Tim Curran
Mark Lukens
Lee Mountford
John R. Little
Andrew Lennon
Calvin Demmer
J.C. Michael
David Owain Hughes
Lee Murray
Christina Bergling
Mark Cassell
Christopher Motz
Mike Duke
Kyle M. Scott
Steven Stacy
Lex Jones
Douglas Hackle
Nicola Lombardi

The Horror Collection Emerald Edition

Book seven in The Horror Collection series brings you stories by Mark Allan Gunnells, Ramsey Campbell, Nicola Lombardi, Christian Laforet, Steve Stred, Veronica Smith, Kevin J. Kennedy & Zoltán Komor. Between these pages, you will find tales of hauntings, revenge, parasitic entities, struggles during the apocalypse and a bizarro version of hell.



Another long overdue update on what I’m doing

Working on:
Screechers Blood Wars – The Screechers sequel that I am writing with Christina Bergling
Kevin J. Kennedy’s A to Z or Horror – My 3rd solo collection
An untitled novella/novel with Kyle M. Scott
The Horror Collection: Emerald Edition – Book 7 in the series is almost ready for release.
Halloween Land – A solo novella
An untitled Christmas solo collection
An invite only Best of Indie anthology

As always, I am working on multiple projects at once. Some are moving quicker that others and a few haven’t moved much at all in the previous few months. I am pushing hard to get as much done as I can in this time of lockdown so hopefully I will have all of these titles finished and available before the year is out.

My Top 10 Favourite Zombie Movies

Quite a lot of people were posting their top ten zombie movies on Facebook, so I decided to have a think and work out what mine would be. It wasn’t that easy, and I went back and forth on a few choices. I’m well aware I have picked remakes over the original movies in some instances and it’s simply because I enjoyed them more.

1 – Night of the Living Dead (1990 version)
2 – Train to Busan
3 – Dawn of the Dead (2004 version)
4 – 28 Weeks Later
5 – Zombieland
6 – Rec
7 – Planet Terror
8 – Return of the Living Dead
9 – Return of the Living Dead 2
10 – Return of the Living Dead 3

**New Release** Stitches: A Neo Noir Thriller

Three captivating models are stalked through the fashion capitals of Europe by a self-mutilating killer who wants to get under their skin.

In this nineties, neo-noir style, erotically charged thriller, Olivia Leadoux is a gorgeous Hitchcockian blonde being stalked by a deranged madman named ‘Stitches.’

Olivia is haunted by visions of the killer’s next target, as he closes in on her and her friends. Can she stop the murderer before he kills again? Horror mystery writer, Steven Stacy and horror author, Kevin J. Kennedy join forces to tell this powerful thriller of deception and lust that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the terrifying finalé.



100 Word Horrors Book 4


100 Word Horrors: Book 4 brings you over one hundred new drabbles from a wealth of horror authors. Some new, some old, but all great. Each and every one of us hope you have a blast with the final instalment in the series.

Included between the pages:
Adam Light – No Time Like the Present
Alanna Robertson-Webb – U R Next
Amber M. Simpson – The Old Man
Andrew Lennon – Cinema
Andrew Lennon – Motivation
Andrew Lennon – The Wave
Ann Christine Tabaka – Water World
Ann-Christine Tabaka – The Children of Earth
Billy San Juan – My Sincerest Apologies to any Innocent Victims
Callum Pearce – Cats
Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer – Haunted House
Chad Lutzke – Shingles on a Graham-Cracker Roof
Chloe Lennon – Hunger Pains
C.M. Saunders – Louie’s Room
Constanze Scheib – Sanatorium
Darren Tarditi – The Hunter
David Owain Hughes – Books-A-Million
David Owain Hughes – The Golden Sticker
Dawn DeBraal – Cannibal
Dawn DeBraal – Revived
Dawn DeBraal – Road Kill
Eddie D. Moore – Hide and Seek
Ellen A. Easton – Every Fifty Years the Roots Need Blood
Eric J. Guignard – Misadventures of an Aggrieved Recluse
Evans Light – Getting Carried Away
Evans Light – Swing Low
Evans Light – This Little Piggy
Gary McDonough – Curiosity
Greg Bennett – Tiny Terrors
Harris Coverley – Coins
Howard Carlyle – The Theatre of Screams
J. C. Michael – Domestic Bliss
J. C. Michael – Spectrum
Jacek Wilkos – Lair
Jack Lothian – Diamond Lake Killer
Jack Lothian – The Guest Room
Jackk N. Killington – Zombie
Jason Parent – Shape in the Dark
Joe X Young – Believe in Me
Joe X Young – Panto Season
Joel R Hunt – Mister Mushroom
Joel R Hunt – The Transylvania Box
John Boden – Meal
Josh A. Murphy – Slithering
Julian J. Guignard – Molly’s Wedding
Kevin Cathy – Inescapable
Kevin Cathy – The Coffin
Kevin J. Kennedy – Missing Halloween
Kevin J. Kennedy – Wrath of the Old Ones
Kevin Wetmore – Chiaroscuro Morning
Kevin Wetmore – Take the Long Way Home
Lee Franklin – Feed the Beast
Lee Franklin – You Look Prettier When You Smile
Lee Mountford – Choke
Lee Mountford – Predator
Mark Cassell – New Home
Mark Steensland – Stop
Matthew A Clarke – Worth It
Micah Castle – Inescapable End
N.M. Brown – Extra-Curricular Clone
Nerisha Kemraj – Asylum
Nerisha Kemraj – Mine
P.J. Blakey-Novis – A Friend for Ellie
P.J. Blakey-Novis – Captive
Paul D. Brazill – Swamplands
Regina Kenney – Fantasy
RJ Meldrum – Livestock
RJ Meldrum – Phantom
RJ Meldrum – Summer Snow
Robin Braid – Blood in the Moonlight
Robin Braid – Undead Champion
Ron Davis – The Job Interview
Ross Baxter – Eternal Life
Ross Jeffery – Poached Egg
Russell Smeaton – Bus Home
Ryan Colley – Cattle
Ryan Colley – Memory Stick
Ryan Colley – Ride-Hailing
Sheldon Woodbury – A Prison Inside Us
Sheldon Woodbury – The Museum of Horrors
Simon Cluett – Lanterns
Stacey Jaine McIntosh – Blood and Bone
Steve Stred – Open Call
Steve Stred – Terra
Terry Miller – To Feed a Monster
Theresa Jacobs – Armageddon
Timothy Friesenhahn – Hair
Timothy Friesenhahn – I
Tina Piney – Awaken to Death
Toneye Eyenot – Compelled to Rise
Toneye Eyenot – Dark Legion
Toneye Eyenot – Fiddlestyx
Toneye Eyenot – Slaughter by the Full of the Moon
Tristan Drue Rogers – Long Limbs at the E.R.
Tristan Drue Rogers – My Brother Gets Released today
Valerie Lioudis – Advice
Veronica Smith – All Alone
Veronica Smith – Too Little, Too Late
Veronica Smith – Vulture
Zoey Xolton – Better Off Dead
Zoey Xolton – Grave Concerns